Fresnel Lens Spotlights

Fresnel Lens Spotlight is primarily used in television studios.

They are used as basic (direct), contra, trick, corrective, and backlights.

They possess excellent photometric characteristics, precise focus, good natural ventilation, and state of art design.

They use standard tungsten-halogen bulbs, color temperature 3200 K.

EW Spot 5000W

EW Spot 2000W

EW Spot 1000W

EW Spot 650W

EW Spot 300/500/650W


– 4-leaf barn doors,

– filter carrier,

– safety grid,

– safety cable with a carabiner clip,

– Spigot adaptor Ø16/Ø 28,5mm,

– luminaires carriage with brakes for “Ω” profiles with the socket for Ø28.5mm spigot.,

– luminaires carriage with brakes for 48 mm pipe with the socket for Ø28.5 mm spigot.,

– hook clamp for Ø48mm pipe with the socket for Ø 28.5mm spigot.,

– drop arm L=40/50 cm with Ø 28.5mm spigot.