Fluo Luminaire

EW fluopoint are fluo luminaire lights of soft light and they are used in television and photo studios. They are particularly used in information scenes of regular sets. They are used as basic (direct) and contra diffuse lighting, and they can be used as cyclorama light.

The main features are low consumption, high efficiency, the long life cycle of bulbs, low heat dissipation.

These luminaires use fluorescent bulbs with high colour reproduction index (CRI factor). They use 55W bulbs, 2G11 sockets, colour temperature 3000K (3200K) and 5400K (5600K).

EW Fluopoint 2x55W
EW Fluopoint 4x55W
EW Fluopoint 6x55W
EW Fluopoint 8x55W

Standard models are operated manually, and pole operated are delivered as well.

Depending on the electronic ballast option, types of luminaires are:

– without dimming option

– with external dimming 0-220V (phase)

– with internal dimming

– analog 0-10V 4 digital according to DMX512 protocol.


– 2-leaf barn doors bright/mat,

– 4-leaf barn doors bright/mat,

– filter carrier,

– safety cable with carabiner clamp,

– luminaire carriage with brakes for” Ω” profile with the socket for Ø28.5mm spigot,

– luminaire carriage with brakes forØ48mm tube with the socket for Ø28.5mm spigot,

– hook clamp for Ø48mm tube with the socket for Ø28.5mm spigot,

– drop arms L=40/50cm with Ø28.5mm spigot.