Cyclorama Luminaire

EW Cyc 625/1250W

EW Cyc is top luminaire of cyclorama light used to evenly illuminate vertical surfaces with asymmetric light beam distribution. It is used for lighting of background and cyclorama cloth in TV studios and theaters.

EW Cyc/D 625/1250W

EW Cyc/D is bottom cyclorama luminaire with same characteristics as the top luminaire, apart from being used from the floor. It is used as an addition for the top liminaire to illuminate background or cyclorama wall in facilities with high ceilings. These luminaires use standard tungsten halogen bulbs, colour temperature 3200K, from 625W P2/10, 1000W P2/7 and 1250W P2/12, R7s socket.


– filter carrier,

– safety grid,

– safety cable with carabiner clamp,

– luminaire carriage with brakes for “Ω” profile with socket for Ø28.5mm spigot,

– luminaire carriage with brakes for 48 mm pipe with socket for Ø28.5 mm spigot,

– hook clamp for Ø48mm pipe with socket for Ø 28.5mm spigot,

– drop arm L=40/50 cm with Ø 28.5mm spigot

– ground standing luminaire supporter with Ø28.5mm socket