The motorized pantograph is a standard device used to carry and power up luminaires, and devices like cameras and projectors as well.

It is used as the most practical solution for up to 6 meters high television studios, photo studios and other facilities of various usage.

Construction of operating system enables vertical luminaire movement without tilting and rope slipping, fixed and mobile option of mounting to the grid, and safe operation.


– elevating height– up to 5m,

– control – external, UP/DOWN buttons,

– limitation – limiters for upper and lower positions,

– weight – 40kg – load capacity – 40kg,

Manual pantograph is modified version of standard device for carrying and powering up luminaire with manual instead of motorized operation.

It is used in television studios at the height up to 5 meters, photo studios, and other facilities of various space usage.

General Features are:

– construction simplicity,

– stable vertical movement of luminaires without tilting and rope slipping,

– option of fixed mounting on a grid and onto carriage, and

– reliable operation


– elevating height – up to 5m,

– limitation, visual control of manual management and limiters on driving unit

-device weight – 21kg,

– load capacity – 40kg