Design and Consulting

Through cooperation with Elektrovat at the initial project phase for the design of stage technology and electric installation of television, theaters, film studios, and culture centers, you are gaining a reliable partner ready to convey acquired knowledge and experience through a practical display of possible solutions which this company has successfully implemented.

Elektrovat is at your disposal to provide basic input data, as well as help with the completion of project proposals and other projects regarding civil engineering, machinery, and interior design. Essential data for these kinds of projects are facility dimension, arrangement, and usage, ceiling bearing capacity, necessary maximum demand power, thermal dissipation, noise pollution rules, etc.

Being aware that we also work on budget limited projects, we have the possibility to offer standard and non-standard systems which will meet your requirements and thus support future project upgrading.

Our company is proud of the possibility to design and later on, produce nonstandard luminaires for space that is not primarily intended for television setting and requires professional stage lighting, such as parliaments, press and conference centers, various auditoriums, halls, etc.

Process Automation and Control tendency in television studios and theater stages are supervised by our Production System Automation and Control Service. Thus, we are able to design highly automated and controlled stage mechanics systems. Such systems provide the client with three management levels: local near the facility, from the panel with the single or multiple displays,s and from the PC (SCADA application) with overall display and management of stage mechanics system.

Designing small-sized objects, reconstruction or upgrading of existing objects, our expert team will help you with equipment selection (specification) and implementation regarding the following equipment:

–  Grid elements and fixed machinery construction
–  Electric installations for power supply and management of stage lighting and mechanics systems
–  Manual and automated devices for carrying luminaires and set design
–  Luminaires
–  Lighting dimmer units
–  Consoles for lighting control and motorized devices
–  Accessories
–  Set elements